“You must stay in the present moment. You cannot worry about what just happened, the point you made, the mistake you just made, because it’s already past. You cannot worry about what’s going to happen on the court. You must stay right there, in the present moment.”Roger Federer

My husband and I just started weekly tennis lessons at the place where our kids have taken lessons for years. It is fun, challenging, and a great workout. We both feel so energized by the instruction – the fact that a few tips and modifications can make a huge difference. It’s also super fun to do this kind of thing as a couple. 

Of all the things one can be “addicted to” learning and exercise are two of the relatively good ones. I took tennis lessons as a kid. LOTS of them, for years. Tennis camps, clinics, you name it. So this is not an entirely foreign experience for me and it feels absolutely thrilling to resume where I left off as a teenager over 30 years ago.  What they say about muscle memory – it is true. I still got it! 

Catching up with an old friend on Saturday who is a major tennis enthusiast and coach, we got to talking about how with tennis, perhaps more than any other sport, one must live in the moment. You cannot identify with your thoughts. You cannot identify with your body. You have to be present in the moment in order to move forward.  

Mindfulness exercise? Relationship builder? A good sweat? Whatever it is, I love it and want more! PS: because I am a huge nerd, I bought myself a pair of green and white Tretorn sneakers reminiscent of the kicks I had way back when. Yes, they still make them – snagged them (of course) on Amazon!


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  1. After playing tennis for over 60 years, I have come to realise that Tai Chi is a key element in improving my tennis performance. Recent research published by Dr. Peter Wayne through the Harvard Medical School highlights the 8 active ingredients of Tai Chi which provide substantial benefits for the mind and body (and their connection). In the following post, I discuss the direct benefits of Tai Chi in terms of improving tennis playing:
    Similar benefits would accrue with the practise of Yoga.

    1. Thanks for sharing Ron. I’m intrigued and will definitely read your post. I am a Yogini as well and feel all of these practices are connected. I’ve never practiced Tai Chi, but have always been curious. Thanks for planting that seed!

  2. I love the Federer quote. It’s a great reminder to stay present. I’m going to post it on my bathroom mirror where I can see it every day.

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