The Alec Baldwin ABC Special

Why did he do it? WHY? Ego.

I cannot imagine his lawyers were in favor of it. If it wasn’t about him and his ego, then why agree to do a 1 HOUR show?!

The new information – that he didn’t pull the trigger – was compelling.

Halyna Hutchins’ death was clearly a tragic, freakish accident.

But did we need to sit through that – to hear Alec telling us over and over what a good person he is because he has half a dozen kids?

Well, I guess I did. It was incredible rubber necking television. George Stephanopoulos remains nonpareil. NB: the special came in last place among broadcast network viewership during the time period. Most people don’t care about Alec Baldwin … just trolls and media elites. (I count myself among the latter.)

I distrusted Alec’s repeated teary breakdowns. He is an actor after all. Yet when asked if he felt guilt, he said no. But I kept watching anyway. Hate viewing – they call it. The way people often watch reality TV for the feeling of schadenfreude and superiority.

Yet I don’t hate Alec Baldwin. He is a magnificent talent who has brought me a lot of entertainment over the years. More than anything he is the embodiment of hubris … the ego run amok that plagues our society. I suffer from it myself. Most of us do!   

I’m going to have to do an inner cleanse after having watched it. May all beings be happy and free including Alec Baldwin, the people involved in the accident and Halyna Hutchins’ husband and son.

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