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I watch an inordinate amount of TV. Always have, since I was a girl camped out in front of the RCA watching I Love Lucy and Gilligan’s Island reruns until dinner time. Now they call it content, and it gets piped into our phones, tablets, and screens around the house via high-speed internet and a patchwork of apps, services, and devices. And  I still love it! Here’s a quick list of some of my recent faves…

YELLOWJACKETS – It’s on Showtime, which we get through YouTubeTV. It may be available in other ways. It stars bad girl icons Juliette Lewis, Cristina Ricci, and my new favorite actor, Melanie Lynskey. When a late 90s New Jersey high school girls soccer team travels to the state championship game, their plane crashes and they end up in a Lord of the Flies situation fighting for their lives in no man’s land. It is really twisted, dark, violent (VERY violent), and captivating. I graduated from a New Jersey public high school in 1993 so there is a lot of overlap and fun in revisiting the music – check out the Spotify playlist to get the vibe. My husband and I love this show but I cannot watch it after 9 pm lest I get myself all freaked out before bed. As of now, there is only one season available, but it has been renewed for a second season so there’s more to come. 

THE GREAT  – It’s on Hulu. I love period pieces and historical fiction and this is particularly fun because it is visually grand with a very lighthearted and fun approach to Russian history. It very loosely and playfully tells the story of the last reigning Empress of Russia (from 1762 until 1796) and the country’s longest-ruling female leader. The lead is Dakota Fanning which makes me feel old, plus Nicholas Hoult, the little boy from About a Boy, all grown up. Hubbs and I have been watching an episode of YELLOWJACKETS followed by an episode of THE GREAT as a palate cleanser. The violence in THE GREAT is farcical – nothing to keep one up at night. Just a fun, easy dramady that is really well done.

BEING THE RICARDOS – It’s on Amazon Prime. This intimate look at the “real-life” relationship of Lucy and Desi, written by Aaron Sorkin and starring Nicole Kidman and Javier Bardem, is superb. Neither Kidman nor Bardem particularly look like their subjects, but they embody the characters and bring us along on the journey. As a lifelong ILL fan and CBS alum, I loved this little slice of entertainment history. Note, this is a feature film, not a series. Time well spent.

Got ideas for other stuff that should go on the watching list? We have most streaming services with only a few exceptions. Sharing is caring!

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