Instead of asking “What is wrong with you?” try asking “What happened to you?” 

what happened to you?

This is the primary takeaway from What Happened To You? Oprah’s most recent NYTimes bestseller, a nonfiction book about trauma, neuroscience, resilience, and hope she co-authored with scientist Dr. Bruce Perry.

I listened to the audiobook version on Audible. Listening really helps me absorb key information and stay focused. Audio also adds a dimension of heart, texture, and emotion that words on a page cannot. 

Feels weird to say this but trauma is pretty trendy these days, and this book is anything but trendy. It is deeply researched, scientifically rigorous and at the same time has tremendous heart. It explains the inspiring concept that no matter how terrible one’s trauma is, people have an inherent capability to heal. 

If you are interested in healing from any kind of trauma or helping a loved one, colleague, or friend overcome negative patterns resulting from past events, please take the time to read this book and share it. 

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